Many people know about the negative health impacts smoking can cause. The more commonly known conditions are involving the heart and lungs, but smoking can also affect your jaw bone which hold in your teeth. Implants are no different. In fact, according to a study by RH Wallace out of The European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry the study revealed that implants in smoking individuals fail at approximately a staggering 17%! Compare that to the standard 1-2% failure rates of implants as a whole, smoking can significantly compromise the bone and potentially require loss of the placed implant as well as bone damage to neighboring teeth.

That's why at Capitol Periodontal Group we emphasize the importance of smoking cessation not only for oral health, but also systemic benefits too.

The American Academy of Periodontology is the governing body of periodontists within the United States. It is a research and evidence based practice and methodology and the papers published by them are considered the standard which to measure treatment plans, diagnosis as well as recommended therapy. Attached below is the AAP position paper in regards to smoking which cites numerous studies proving the deleterious effects of it.

AAP position paper - Tobacco Use and the Periodontal Patient

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