Periodontal Plastic Surgery Sacramento

Esthetic Crown Lengthening to Correct a "Gummy" Smile
One of the most common esthetic procedures is anterior crown lengthening to improve a "gummy" smile. This procedure involves reshaping the gum and bone tissue to expose more of the natural tooth, or "lengthen" it. The procedure can be performed for a single tooth to even the gum line, or for several teeth to improve the appearance of the entire smile.

Soft Tissue Grafts to Cover Exposed Tooth Roots
Although gum recession can be caused by a variety of reasons, the most common cause is aggressive tooth brushing. Gum recession results in exposed tooth roots, which causes the teeth to appear too long compared to adjacent teeth. Soft tissue graft procedures involve adding soft tissue to reinforce thin gums or repair the defect caused by gum recession.

Covering the roots that make the teeth look too long will improve the esthetic appearance of the smile. This procedure will also help to prevent additional recession and bone loss, solve the problem of root sensitivity to extreme hot and cold temperatures, and protect the roots from decay.

Individual graft results will vary, based on the periodontal condition of your tooth and underlying foundation. Consult your periodontist for treatment options and expected outcome.

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