As suggested by the American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control guidelines, we continue to practice with the utmost care and safety for our community

In addition to standard precautions to protect patients and health care workers, such as the use of masks, gloves, face shields, surface disinfects and sterilizing reusable dental devices, we have implemented the following aerosol containing precautions:

  • Screen patients before each appointment, and when they arrive, for symptoms of COVID-19 — such as cough and fever — and postpone if they have symptoms that could indicate they have the virus.
  • Use each patient's car or a spot outside the office as they wait or minimize the number of patients in our office and reception area.
  • Remove items such as, magazines and coffee stations [which can be infection sources] from waiting rooms.
  • Require masks for all staff, patients and anyone with them while in the office area and immediately after procedures and checkups.
  • Place a plastic or glass barrier between patient and reception staff.
  • Minimize using aerosol generating instruments when possible.
  • Leave out only the tools needed for each individual patient so other tools cannot potentially become contaminated.
  • Use multiple dental workers when doing aerosol-generating procedures when possible to expedite the visit and minimize exposure.
  • Install high-efficiency particulate air filters and UV sanitization systems to reduce transmission of airborne particles of the virus.
  • Utilize additional external oral suctions with built in 5 layer filtration system with H13 HEPA filters and UVC photo oxygen sterilization system

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